Reijo and Judit


Reijo and Judit established the company together and are the owners with desire to produce high quality wines with clean and organic way. Reijo is the Managing Director of Rejiji Wines and take care of the cellar work and measuring most of the wine parameters regularly as Judit is more taking care of company administrative issues.

Reijo and Judit want to participate all the wine making and vine growing phases to learn and improve all the time.

Anyhow, they have very professional help in the Team.

Riczu Tamás



Riczu Tamás is helping and consulting Rejiji Wines in wine making and taking care of most of the green work in vineyards with his team. Tamás is one of Villany’s new generation winemakers. His wines and awards are largely known in Hungary.


Susan and Ralf Wassmann


Ralf studied winegrowing and beverage technology in Geisenheim / Germany. They moved to Hungary in 1998 and WASSMANN PINCE was the first organic wine estate in Villány and since 2012 it has been the first biodynamic one too.

They help winegrowers, who want to switch to organic or biodynamic vine growing and /or winemaking with their experience and knowledge.

They are also providing help in the cellar with organic winemaking if requested.

For Rejiji Wines this help means that they check the vineyards regularly and make suggestions how to train the vines, how to treat the soil, how to manage and spray the vines.