About us


Company has been established 2012 by Reijo Itkonen (FIN) and his Hungarian wife Judit. Reijo’s retirement from his long business life made it possible to concentrate more deeply for their long lasting love for the wines and especially Hungarian wines.

They acquired two vineyards in Villány Region. One from the Kopár and one from the Tenkes, Harkány.

With these vineyards Rejiji Wines present wine making capacity is around 7000-8000 bottles a year in premium category.

2016 Rejiji Wines switched to organic vine growing. “We had so challenging year and many other had a lot of problems but our grapes were very good. That year proved that organic is really possible and pays out at the end” said Reijo

As Tenkes soils have proved to be very good, they have recently during 2016-2017 acquired tree smaller vineyards also from Tenkes. Those vineyards will be replanted and integrated to Tenkes vineyard


Our Philosophy



“We, as owners, love nature, healthy food and quality. Therefore, it is natural for us to base all our actions to these issues. We are aiming only high quality and want to protect nature and produce clean and healthy products. We also base all our actions to high morale and integrity.”

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