Villány Wine Region



The first full origin protection system of Hungary was developed in Villány.

In the Villány Wine Region development is built on strong foundations: a respect for traditions, continuous investments for technology and professional expertise.


Traditions include the presence of Kadarka and Portugieser. The Villány Wine Region, however, is also able to continuously move onward, besides respecting traditions.  It offers an almost perfect and full range of wines. One could also say that Villány might be one of the best regions in Europe to produce Cabernet franc.

In several modern cellars, the most up-to-date technologies are existing.

The wine producers of Villány are maybe one of the most successful participants in wine contests and exhibitions. So far, wine producers or wine cellars of Villány have been awarded the prestigious title “Wine Producer of the Year” or “Wine Cellar of the Year” six times.

Undoubtedly strength of the Villány Wine Region is the large number of cellars run by experts with technological knowhow together with favourable climate and soil.




The Villány wine region is the southern wine-producing region in Hungary, where spring comes early and grapes in the vineyards ripen in more sunshine. In autumn frequently contains an Indian Summer or as they say, an “Old Ladies’ Summer”.

One of the determining features of viticulture is good climatic conditions, including temperature and annual hours of sunshine (average annual sunshine reaches 2100-2150 hours)

Due to its location, the Villány Hills comprise an area excellent for wine production. The southern slopes of this East-West range have a special micro-climate. The area is situated in the warm, moderately humid climate zone.






Soil conditions play a dominant contributing role in making the character, the odour and taste, and the extract content of the wines. The main soil components of the Villány Wine Region are dolomite, marl, cretaceous limestone, loess cover with clay, in some places with sand content. Especially limestone provides precious soil for the vineyards.

Around Villány larger part of the deep soil of the vineyards, limestone is mastering. All soils are either neutral or slightly alkaline. This layer can be topped by soils which are loess with lime content or clay.